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Setting the Standard in Voice Technology Learning

Setting the Standard in Voice Technology Learning

The Digital Assistant Academy Advantage

An all-encompassing focus on learner and industry needs gives the Digital Assistant Academy a clear advantage compared to other voice tech course providers. The Digital Assistant Academy is the only organization with established connections to the voice tech industry across the globe. This enables the Academy to set the standards and frameworks for privacy, ethics, inclusivity, and conversation design.

Current Courses

Current Courses

Voice Interaction Design

The Voice Interaction Design course gives you the essential fundamentals of voice interaction and conversation design. This includes how voice technologies work, conversational design strategy and creation, and a hands-on capstone project opportunity. By the end of the course, you will have three voice/conversational applications successfully designed, developed and deployed. And you’ll be a Certified Voice Interaction Designer!


The Fundamentals course provides you with everything you need to work in voice technology and conversational design. The course has been designed by industry experts and includes three capstone project. When you graduate, you will be a Certified Voice Interaction Designer, and ready to work in any sector of voice tech, or in your own business. Depending on your needs, you can add additional course components from the Academy's à la carte menu.


Fundamentals Plus Career Coaching

The Fundamentals Plus Career Coaching course contains everything in Fundamentals, and more. It gives you in-depth career preparation, with three capstone projects and Storytelling Training - an integral part of conversational design. Fundamentals Plus also includes a mock job interview, and two hours each for portfolio review, and resume building with personal branding guidance. Fundamentals Plus Career Coaching is the ideal selection if you are new to the world of voice technology, or want to significantly develop your articulation abilities. Articulation is an important skill set for anyone who wants to exert influence as a designer, and is included in the Academy's Storytelling training. Finally, Fundamentals Plus provides you with one year's access to Course updates, and to the DA Academy Career Search Group!

Voice Industry Services

Voice Industry Services have been developed to give you a winning edge over other voice interaction design specialists. With each service, you will be exposed to industry experts who are ready to share knowledge and insights.

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review (2 hrs)

Your portfolio is a critical part of the hiring process. We’ll review your portfolio for the criteria necessary for your work to tell a story: quality and type of product, the business need/problem solved, the process followed and your role in the process, and the results achieved. We’ll also look at curating your work to make sure your best work is front and center. You’ll spend two hours with a senior, working UX practitioner skilled in representing voice/conversation design experts, and hiring managers or recruiters.

$438 USD

Your portfolio is a critical part of the hiring process. We’ll review...

Voice Industry Experts' Masterclass

Voice Industry Experts' Masterclass

Presentations from renowned experts in the voice tech industry will give you sought-after insights into the voice-tech industry! These pre-recorded presentations will shorten your learning curve, and boost your confidence when you pitch to clients and hiring managers. The 15 experts include Philip Hunter, Rebecca Evanhoe, Brooke Hawkins, Samrat Baul, and Bill Marshalls - all from high-profile companies, such as Oracle, Amazon, and Facebook. They will cover Designing for Voice, Conversation Design, Performance Optimization, Ethics, and Privacy and many other important topics. As a premier member, you’ll have unlimited access and viewing of these interviews.

$529 USD

Presentations from renowned experts in the voice tech industry...

Voice Industry Expert Mentoring

Voice Industry Expert Mentoring

Five hours of quality mentoring will provide you with knowledge and skills from an industry expert. Your mentor will be a trusted guide who will offer encouragement and ongoing support to facilitate your success in the course and beyond. They will serve as a sounding board, and share the importance of good work habits. There is nothing better than an objective mentor to help you move forward, and your mentor will work with you to grow any specific skills, and further develop your strengths.

$925 USD

Five hours of quality mentoring will provide you with knowledge...

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that enrolling in a course is a huge investment which may require financial planning. We offer an installment payment option so you can make easy monthly payments.

Monthly Installments

Enroll in a course and pay in three monthly installments.

Voice Interaction Design Fundamentals

Pay in three monthly payments of $697.00 USD

Voice Interaction Design Fundamentals Plus Career Coaching

Pay in three monthly payments of $1,297.00 USD

COVID-19 Support

If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19 you may qualify for additional discounts and payment options. Contact us to learn more.