The Rise of Digital Assistant in Customer Care

digital assistants Jul 06, 2020

What Is a Digital Assistant?

A digital assistant is also called a virtual digital assistant or a mobile assistant. It is a computer program that performs basic tasks and answers to the queries of the user. With the advancement in the world of the internet, people are using different digital assistants on Smartphones, such as Siri on iPhones and iPads, Mycroft or Google assistant on Android smartphones, and Bixby on Samsung phones. Voice-enabled smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are examples of a digital assistant. People who are using computers and have installed Window 10, they must be familiar with Cortana. Cortana is Microsoft's digital assistant for computers. 

Rise of the Digital Assistant Domains

More than 4.1 billion users around the world are using chat and instant messaging apps. In the past, people were using these digital assistants at homes or cars, but in recent years, the digital assistant has become part of customer care and call centers. The reason for the rise of the digital assistant domain is that employees and customers want a quick response to their questions and requests, and digital assistants are providing all these facilities.  

Use Cases for Customer Care via a Digital Assistant

Customer service chatbots are providing powerful business results and enhancing the customer experience. Remember, chatbots and digital assistants have different characteristics and capabilities. There are multiple use cases for customer care that can enhance customer experience via a digital assistant. Some examples of use cases are:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Tracking orders and deliveries
  • Refunds
  • Applications
  • Renewals
  • Payment
  • Collections
  • Complaint handling
  • Onboarding
  • Accounts 

These are simple examples of how digital assistants can help customers in today's environment. They can perform some complex tasks as well. All these use cases can improve the productivity and efficiency of organizations and save money as well. 

How Digital Assistants Will Benefit Users and the Company?

Digital assistants are beneficial for both individuals and companies. For individuals, the benefits of digital assistants are:

  • Convenience
  • Manage home heating
  • Manage home security
  • A dose of fun into homes and cars
  • Save people from tedious tasks
  • Save money

For Companies

Businesses are also enjoying the benefits of digital assistants. It provides better assistance to their customer and employees and improves the efficiency of businesses. Digital assistants offer businesses to:

Save Money

It allows businesses to connect with customers and employees personally without involving live representatives. It reduces the burden on staff and allows them to perform other critical tasks. In this way, they help companies to save money and time. 

  • Offer More Services

When chatbots and voice bots can handle customer requests and daily routine help desk, businesses can offer more services to their customers. 

  • Provide Better Service

Chatbots and Voicebots allow quick and convenient conversations. The customers can get answers to their questions quickly, and employees enjoy natural conversation and provide better service. 

  • Scale at Will

With the implementation of a digital assistant, a company can provide personalized, humanlike and proactive service to millions of people. More importantly, businesses can scale up or down at their own will. 

  • Avoid Mistakes

They can anticipate issue reminders and upcoming events. They can let users know about the important event coming up or when they have to submit some important forms. 

  • Learn as They Go

The biggest advantage of a digital assistant is that they can gather real-time insights, and businesses can use these insights for better user experience. 

Predictions of the Rise of Digital Assistant

Companies have already started to deploy AI-powered digital assistants in the workplace to boost efficiency and productivity. Gartner predicts that after five years from now, almost all companies will use this system. Digital assistants will change the way of our working. The digital assistant has become part of our lives. When we wake up, Amazon's Alexa reminds us to pick up our laundry from a dry cleaning shop. When we order Uber, we use Google Assistant. 

The days are not far when companies will deploy this system. These digital assistants will help companies to book conference rooms by using a few words. The digital assistant has exploded in recent years, and Apple has recently announced that Siri has almost 500 million active users. This figure is enough to dictate the popularity of digital assistants. Despite its increasing popularity, only a few companies have proper plans for implementing this system. According to an estimate, only 4% of companies have employed a conversational interface so far. 

Need for Conversational Designers and Voice Interaction Designers

Conversational designers design an online personality that acts as a bridge between machines and humans with a conversation style. Conversational designers need to have knowledge of:

  • Voice user interface design
  • Motion design
  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • User experience writing

All these elements collectively make up the conversation design. 

In 2020, you will see lots of conversational designers' jobs, as you see for social media managers. A motivational and clear conversational style can boost sales of organizations. Voice interaction designers and conversational designers must have the following skills:

  • Understand people
  • Plan the right persona
  • Sound interesting
  • Plan the chat flow
  • Plan the conversation stream
  • Portray a beautiful design
  • Conversational designers work on different projects, such as:
  • Chatbot
  • Digital assistants

How Digital Assistant Academy Can Help

For implementing any application, your staff needs training and technical knowledge. When you are going to deploy a digital assistant in your company, you need the help of a digital assistant academy. Now the companies are looking for digital assistants to boost their productivity and improve customer experience. The digital assistant academy can help to make your business profitable and fix any issues in businesses. 


Digital assistants are gaining popularity and rise over the past few years, but it has been predicted that in 2025, almost all the employees will be using digital assistant services. More importantly, digital assistants are beneficial for both individuals and companies.




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