New Voice Interaction Design course launched

The Digital Assistant Academy launches its first ever course in October - Voice Interaction Design. 

The Academy’s founder, Shyamala Prayaga, says its launch signifies an exciting news step forward in the world of conversational design and voice technology.

“Wherever you are in your career, you’ve decided to take a big step, learn some new skills and position yourself to take advantage of the growing opportunities in voice design,” she said. 

A standardized approach to voice interaction design

“Perhaps you want to design for some of the most well-known companies on the planet. Maybe you want to start your own design business. Whatever your dream is, the Digital Assistant Academy can help.”

There are some important reasons behind the Academy’s launch. Currently there is no standardized approach to courses available for voice interaction design. The Academy has worked hard with key people in industry to create a standardized curriculum, which incorporates learning on ethics and privacy.

The Voice Interaction Design course is divided into 16 modules that will be presented to you over 24 weeks. 

The modules are:

  1. The Skills that you need to become a Voice Interaction Designer. 
  2. Navigating to voice interaction Design, 
  3. Natural User Interface, 
  4. the Building Blocks of Voice Interaction, 
  5. Designing for Voices,
  6.  the Power of Conversation Design, 
  7. the Voice Designing Process Research, Define, Design, Validate, Refine, 
  8. Voice Analytics, 
  9. Ethics of Voice Design, 
  10. Privacy and Inclusive Voice Design, 
  11. Conversational Design Platform, 
  12. Getting Future Ready. 

Huge demand for voice interaction designers

Next, voice assistants are in huge demand, and this means that the need for voice interaction designers (also known as conversational designers) will grow significantly in coming years, and more voice interaction designers are needed to meet the needs of organizations.

People talk, and talking is natural

Shyamala says that voice technology is booming because, quite simply, people talk. 

“Not long ago, voice and talking were unique to human beings. But today many voice assistants are part of our daily life!

“Who would have thought that we would be talking to our phone? We always thought phones and electronic gadgets were for communicating with other people. Did we ever think we would be talking to a gadget instead? Not really,” says Shyamala.

Technology has advanced to a stage that we no longer always need a human to talk to. Chatbots and voice assistants are everywhere right from your home to your cars. People are using these devices for everything from entertainment to concierge services. 

People are now comfortable using voice devices

“Because of this, voice interaction designers are in huge demand. The comfort that the digital assistants provide is too good for people to ignore,” she notes. “So, yes, digital assistants and voice interfaces are the future. Why don’t you prepare for the future? This course is designed to prepare you for the future in the voice industry!”

Pre-register before October 16, 2020 and you will be eligible for a 15 percent discount on course fees. Enter the code DALAUNCH for your discount, that’s DALAUNCH. We’ll include these details in the show notes.


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