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the future is spoken Sep 23, 2020

The Digital Assistant Academy’s very first course, entitled Voice Interaction Design, launches in October, 2020.

This ground-breaking learning opportunity is a self-paced course with access to ongoing support. It allows you to become a Certified Voice Interaction Designer.

Demand for voice technologies has never been greater, and there is a real need for qualified voice interaction designers who can address every aspect of the voice technology design process.

The Digital Assistant Academy is founded by Shyamala  Prayaga, a voice technology thought-leader with more than 20 years experience in the industry. Shyamala has designed for mobile, web, desktop, and voice-based interfaces.

By taking the Voice Interaction Design course, you will access all of Shyamala’s knowledge and experience as a thought leader and influencer in the world of voice technology. And you will learn voice interaction design from active industry leaders and practitioners!

Pre-registration course fee discount

Pre-register before Wednesday, October16, 2020 for a 15 per cent discount by using the code DALAUNCH at

Voice-based interfaces are here to stay. And the Digital Assistant Academy’s voice interaction design course will make you job-ready for this new and exciting future!

The Digital Assistant Academy’s Voice Interaction Design course has been created to give learners the best opportunities for success!

It has nine key learning objectives for you as a student. You can find the full list of learning objectives on this trailer episode page at

Academy’s nine learning objectives

  1. To establish a strong understanding of fundamentals of voice interfaces 
  2. To understand the building blocks of designing voice user interfaces
  3. Learn techniques of voice and conversational design
  4. To understand the power of conversation and apply those techniques in voice design
  5. To understand the tips and tricks of voice designing
  6. To learn the overall voice designing process, techniques and tools
  7. To understand the value of ethics and privacy of  in-voice design process
  8. To learn techniques for measuring and optimizing performance of voice interactions
  9. To apply all the learning into capstone projects

Throughout the course, you will also have access to expert interviews, along with insights from industry-leading practitioners.

The course not only equips you with skills and experience, it positions you for success with support to help you find work in the world of voice technology. We assist with portfolio creation, presentation skills, and career coaching

And if this is something you’ve wanted to pursue,  but struggled to find the right training, we’re here to make your career dreams a reality.

The Digital Academy Voice Interaction Design Course will launch in October this year.

Pre-register before Wednesday, October16, 2020 for a 15 per cent discount by using the code DALAUNCH at


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